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TV & Radio Interviews

Housesitting - RTL
Urlaub mal anders: Tourismus 2.0 - Arte TV
The secret to an eternal holiday - DW TV
Popkult: Housesitting - MDR Sputnik
Housesitting - Geliebte Hausbesitzer - DRadio Wissen
Mit Housesitting um die Welt - 1Live Radio
Housesitting: Umsonst wohnen auf der ganzen Welt - DASDING
Seit 2 Jahren Housesitter - YouFM

Online Interviews

How to spend the night in amazing destinations for FREE - The Daily Mail
How to travel the world for free (and even get paid to visit exotic locations) - The Daily Mail
How to travel the world for free and live in Mansions for free - The Daily Mail
Als Housesitter um die Welt: Mein Pool, mein Tennisplatz, mein Weinberg - Der Spiegel
Could you live out of just one bag? - Mother Nature Network
Pinterest Spotlight: The “Ultimate NYC Trip” Pinned by Travelling Weasels - Newyork.com
Αυτό το ζευγάρι γυρίζει όλο τον κόσμο, και μένει σε πολυτελή σπίτια, ΔΩΡΕΑΝ!! Πώς τα καταφέρνουν - Travel Style (Greek)
House sitting around Australia – Laura and Tanbay’s 9 month adventure - Trusted Housesitters
住豪宅,玩狗狗,这对英国小情侣教你不花一分钱游遍全世界 - The Paper (Chinesisch)
А за виллой мы приглядим - Lenta (Russisch)
10 Questions to Tanbay Theune - XinXii
10 Fragen an Tanbay Theune - XinXii
Housesitter aus Deutschland - NWZ

grazia magazine house sitting
House-Sitter: Urlaub, wo andere wohnen - GRAZIA Magazine
Housesitting - Cosmopolitan Magazine


10 Money-Saving Travel Hacks You've Never Heard Before - Refinery29
25 Travel Bloggers killing it on Instagram - Matador Network
Hand Luggage Only: 7 of the best carry-on bags reviewed - Skyscanner
The Bucket List  - Holiday Lettings
The Inspiring Blogger Series: Travelling Weasels - Nomadic Matt
This Exotic Paradise Will Make You Want To Set Off Immediately - Bloglovin
Top Couple Travel blogs of 2016 - Hello Travel
11 ways to make friends while traveling solo - NYC Jetsetter
10 Funny and Embarrassing Language Mistakes - Fluent City
Bob's Top 100 Travel Blogs 2015 - Bob around the world
Top travel bloggers to follow in 2015 - Wow Travel
28 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their 72 Favourite Places in Ireland - Expedia
Top 15 travel bloggers to follow in 2015  - Travel Pulse
8 House Sitting questions with the Travelling Weasels - Sell All Your Stuff
People of today: Laura and Tanbay of Travelling Weasels - Pretty Wild World
Best places to spend new years eve - Emily Luxton
House Sitting with the Travelling Weasels - Along Dusty Roads
3 on Friday - The Working Traveller
Most Embarrassing Travel Moments - According to Zascha
My Favourite Travel Blogs - According to Zascha
Podcast mentions (#30 and 32)  - Tutto Duppio
How Travel has changed us - My Thousand Worlds
Best piece of travel advice - My Thousand Worlds
The most surprising place we visited - My Thousand Worlds
What we miss on the road - My Thousand Worlds
House Sitting in Australia - Review - Travelling Buzz
Top Travel Blogs of 2014 - Travelling Buzz
Work and travel abroad - Drink Tea Travel
House Sitting – What It Is And Why We Love It - Nomadasaurus
Liebster Award Nomination - While I'm Young and Skinny
Liebster Award Nomination - Roaming Renegades
Blogs I like - Travelling Buzz
Best travel selfies from around the world  - Travelling Buzz
What is a Digital Nomad - A Life More Complete
Inspiring Interviews: Travelling Weasels - The Roaming Renegades
How to fund a Traveling Lifestyle - Geeky Explorer
Günstig Übernachten: 6 Alternativen zu Hotel und Hostel - Weltreise Junkies
Le best-of des blogs et des sites de voyage - Jet Lag Trips (Französisch)
25 top couples travel bloggers to follow this year - Flipkey
GoPro Tips and Tricks - Click Like This
Why it's more fun in the Philippines - Frustrated Billionaire
5 Kudapan Enak yang Bisa Kamu Buat Dengan Cara yang (Agak Terlalu) Sederhana - Hipwee
THE MOST Romantic YouTube Travel Vloggers - Cruisebe
Top Travel Hacks 2017 - Expert Flyer
Top Travel Hacks 2017 - Huffington Post
8 most romantic cities - Wanderlust
Love happened before the travel bug - The Travellist
The world's 8 most underrated cities - Wanderlust
14 Ways to work with brands as a Blogger - Jessie on a Journey

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